Undetonated radioactive package to be sent back to UAE

Dealing with the radioactive package in Genoa, Italy has turned into a game of a potentially explosive hot potato: The Cobalt-leaking container that has been isolated and barricaded in Genoa for more than six months (see original story: http://www.seaportsecuritynews.com/?p=244 ) will now be sent back to an unknown sender in its original location, the United Arab Emirates.

Security experts and port officials in Italy have been cooking up a means to detonate the radioactive container for months as they relocated the hazard to an off-limits area, as it continues to radiate dangerous Cobalt-60. Meanwhile, 400 port workers in the area have undergone blood tests and are being monitored by medical teams to determine if they have been contaminated by the radioactive leakage (the cargo sat in the central port for nearly a week before the contamination was discovered).

To detonate the container, a robot was created to open the package, with hopes that the remote-controlled device would prevent any human contact with the cargo. However; in recent weeks, concerns came about as to the potential of the opened cargo detonating or releasing high toxicity around the port area. The safest resolve—say those in Genoa—is to send the package back to where it came from: Perhaps the UAE will have a better solution.

CLICK HERE to read the full article from Italian news source La Repubblica. (You’ll need to translate it from Italian to English: We use Google Translate.)